Pickleball VS Racquetball

Pickleball VS Racquetball: What’s the Difference?

This blog covers all aspects of the game of Pickleball vs Racquetball. Topics include equipment, court dimensions, rules, scoring, play, and more. You’ll find much information about the sport on this blog too.

But, what is the quick difference between Pickleball vs. racquetball? and what are the similarities? There are many similarities between the two games, including the net and equipment, but key differences exist.

Let us discuss the Comparison between Racquets and Pickleball.

What’s the Difference Between Racquetball and Pickleball?

There are two variations of sports racquetball; pickleball and racquetball. Both are played with a modified racquet and have similarities. However, the game is still played differently.

So, let’s dive into the differences between pickleball and racquetball and see which is right for you.  

Racquetball and Pickleball

Pickleball Paddles VS Racquetball Racquets

When I’m at the gym, I have to decide which of these two games I should play. I usually prefer racquetball because of the more challenging game. Also, playing with racquetballs gives me more muscle fatigue than playing with pickleball.

However, I recently discovered that picking up a pickleball paddle was an easier transition to playing pickleball. I will share my reasons as to why pickleball paddles are easier to pick up and how they help me improve in pickleball.

Pickleballs VS Racquetballs

Pickleballs are balls similar in appearance to tennis balls. They’re generally softer than tennis balls and don’t bounce well. Pickleballs are used in pickleball games, which are similar to badminton games.

While, the Racquetballs are harder than tennis balls and bounce higher. They’re commonly used in racket sports like racquetball, badminton, squash, table tennis, and paddleball.

Pickleball Courts VS Racquetball Courts

A racquetball court has an open area in the center. This area is also known as the service box or the middlebox. A pickleball court has a covered service box where the ball must bounce before being hit. In most cases, the service box of a pickleball court is not very large and does not cover half the court.


A Pickleball is a paddle-powered ball sport in which two players hit a small pickle-shaped ball with a paddle toward each other on the court. The objective is to hit your opponent’s paddle away from you while you maintain your position in the middle of the court.

Racquet sports like tennis, squash, and golf are played similarly, but with a racket instead of a paddle. The main difference between Pickleball and Racquet sports is that players use only one hand on each paddle to hit the ball. This differs from the traditional double-handed style in which both hands are used to strike the ball.

A good racquet serves a similar function to a pickleball’s paddle. You use one hand to hit the ball (the hand you choose can be determined by your personal preference), and the other hand holds the stick/racket.


Is pickleball similar to racquetball?

They’re both team sports played with a ball. Pickleball can be played with four players on each side, while racquetball can play with two. Pickleball has three main contact points – a rubber ball, a paddle, and a net. Racquetball has a hardball and a net.

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, table tennis, volleyball, and racquetball, and it’s played with similar equipment, but there are several differences between the two games. A pickleball player usually uses their hands rather than a racquet, and the ball bounces differently in a pickleball game than in a racquetball game.

Are racquetball players good at pickleball?

Racquetball players who switch to pickleball don’t have to deal with as much physical contact as in racquetball and, therefore, are better at it. They also play on more open courts, which allows for more room for strategic shots.

Why is racquetball not popular?

You might know why it isn’t popular in the tennis world, but racquetball is a very interesting sport. It’s a fast-paced game where you can choose to hit a ball back or across the court. Because you can only go one way, you’re constantly forced to move your body to cover more space.

Wrapping Up

Many think that racquetball and pickleball are the same, but they’re not. So are the pickleball and racquets the same? If not, what are the main differences between pickleball vs. Racquetball? The main difference between these sports is that pickleball scores more than racquetball. Also, the rules of racquetball are much stricter than those of pickleball.

Now, I am sure you’ve cleared everything about pickleball and racquetball. So decide the game, and let’s start playing!

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