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Best Wide Body Pickleball Paddles (Oversized and Under Budget)

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If you’re hunting for the best wide-body pickleball paddle, you’re in for a treat.

We’ve been on a mission to find the wider pickleball paddle that will make your game shine. Are you curious about how we tested and found the wide-body pickleball paddles?

We have picked over twenty wide-body pickleball paddles to test from Onix, Joola, Gamma, Adidas, Franklin, Bobolat, and Engage paddles brands.

After searching out the top-rated wider body pickleball paddles brand, we finally chose the seven best wider body paddles under budget. These paddles have ergonomic grip, large handles, comfortable cushioning, and swift, agile gameplay for non-volley, kitchen, and double bounce rule pickleball games.

So, here are what the best wider-body pickleball paddles are for you!

Best Wide Body Pickleball Paddles

After extensive research and testing, we have carefully selected the top recommendation – the graphite pickleball paddle. With its well-balanced play and popping nature, this paddle is a great option for aggressive players and those who prefer a more controlled approach.

These paddles have a large sweet spot, and the graphite face provides the perfect combination of power and precision, making it a good choice for players of all skill levels. With a reasonable price and a wide range of color options, here are the best pickleball paddles in under 200 dollars.

#1 Undefeated Sports Paddles

Undefeated Sports Paddles

After a year of using a Selkirk paddle, I decided to give these Undefeated Sports Pickleball Paddles a shot – and boy, am I glad I did!

These wider-body paddles are a fantastic option with a reasonable price tag. The weight is just right, and they’re impressively durable.

Even with my intense playstyle, these paddles held up without any issues. The build quality is remarkable – no breaking at the handle here. The grips are top-notch, and the sleek design adds a touch of style. The included carrying bag is high quality, making it a complete package.

As I transition from intermediate to more advanced paddles, this one truly holds its own, rivaling even those in the higher price bracket. From high-level players to beginners, these paddles earn a solid recommendation.


  • High-quality build
  • Remarkable control and power
  • Perfect for family use
  • Elevates playtime to a new level


  • No specific cons we noticed

#2 INSUM T700 Hybrid Pickleball Paddles

INSUM T700 Hybrid Pickleball Paddles

The INSUM T700 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle has quickly secured its spot as a reliable backup paddle in my arsenal. Its distinct popping sound immediately caught my attention, and its performance matched its auditory impact.

The blend of spin, speed, and control pleasantly surprised me, even as a “banger” transitioning from tennis. This paddle shines on both ends of the court, from robust baseline hits to precise net play.

Let’s talk about grip – not just in terms of performance but also in the literal sense. The INSUM T700 Hybrid’s Toray T700 face has that grip factor dialed in perfectly. I found myself effortlessly controlling the ball and spinning it as needed. 

From beginners to professional players, its dynamic features cater to various skills. This largest and high quality pickleball paddle is worth noting because it is USAPA-approved and ready for competitive play on the tournament stage.


  • Remarkable Toray T700 face grip
  • Easy ball control with the added spin potential
  • Comparable to higher-priced paddles
  • Reliable performance and value for money


  • No case

#3 SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

As someone new to pickleball, stumbling upon this Selkirk paddle set was a real win. Not only is it cost-effective, but it has also proven to be a solid choice for someone like me who’s still learning the ropes.

The weight and grip of the paddle are spot-on for comfortable play, and the carry case is a convenient bonus for transporting both paddles and an ample supply of pickle balls.

However, this Selkirk wider paddle set has become my go-to for practice sessions with a friend, making it a great investment.

The included balls are from an unfamiliar brand but have held up well so far. However, the bag turned out to be the weak link, with signs of wear after just seven short trips to the court. I’m knocking off one star for the bag issue, but I’d still buy this set for the rackets alone.


  • Ideal starter paddles
  • Affordable package deal
  • Comfortable weight and grip
  • Handy carry case for paddles and balls


  • Balls from an unknown brand

#4 ONIX Graphite Z5 Paddles

ONIX Graphite Z5 Paddles

The ONIX Z5 paddle worked its magic on my game. The mid-weight and thin structure contribute to its light and agile feel, allowing me to take control with precision.

The only hiccup was my hand’s grip size, which was a tad small. A quick fix with some over-wrap tape added the comfort I needed. It’s a small trade-off, considering the significant boost in performance.

As a beginner progressing rapidly, my goal was a balanced paddle that wouldn’t break the bank. This choice hit the bullseye, giving me the mix of power and control I needed. Regular play for the past few months has only solidified my satisfaction with this paddle.

It’s a wise investment, as it’s held its ground even as my skills have grown. While a more powerful pickleball paddle might be in my future, this ONIX Z5 has exceeded my expectations and will continue to be my trusted partner on the court.


  • Impressive control and spin capabilities
  • Significant improvement in accuracy and serving
  • Highly rated paddle within its price category
  • Mid-weight and thin design for a light feel


  • Grip size might be small for some hands

#5 GAMMA Sports NeuCore Paddle

GAMMA Sports NeuCore Paddle

Transitioning from an Onix Z5 to the GAMMA Sports NeuCore Pickleball Paddle brought about a noticeable change – more than an inch of extra reach. While it may be narrower, the increased reach is a game-changer for me, especially as a 65-year-old without the same agility.

The paddle’s lightness and added zip added a new dimension to my hits, even though I faced some initial challenges with hitting long. But my hits grew more powerful over time, and my ability to reach more balls improved significantly.

However, I discovered the right touch needed for controlled hits with practice. This adjustment led to a surprising improvement in my gameplay.

While the only $150 wider paddle might seem steep for casual players, those committed to their pickleball journey will find the investment worthwhile. I’ve seen a positive impact on my game and couldn’t be happier with my decision.


  • Extended reach for better ball coverage
  • Lightweight for improved maneuverability
  • Square handle shape for better grip
  • Responsive and easy to serve and return


  • Slight learning curve for touch and force control

#6 A11N Pickleball Paddles

A11N Pickleball Paddles

I’m excited to share a sneak peek of how the A11N Pickleball Paddles are good. Their lightweight design and the convenience of high-quality balls and a transport bag make them a fantastic choice for family playtime. 

These A11N Pickleball Paddles didn’t give us any reason to complain. Whether for us adults or the young nieces and nephews, their lightweight build made maneuvering a breeze.

Speaking of breezy, the quality of the included balls impressed us. And can we talk about the convenience? Everything fits snugly into the provided bag for hassle-free transport.


  • Lightweight and maneuverable for all ages
  • High-quality balls included
  • Convenient storage bag for easy transport
  • Ideal for family play


  • Zippers on the bag might not be the most durable

How to Choose the Right Size for Wider Pickleball Paddles

When choosing the wider pickleball paddles, you must choose the size, price, range, hand size, and tested paddles. 

Here, we figured out what to check before purchasing the largest oversized pickleball paddles.

Grip Size

How do you know what size pickleball paddle you need?

For wider pickleball paddles, your grip size should generally fall between 4 and 5 inches. This range ensures a comfortable and secure hold on the paddle during play. 

A smaller grip might be more suitable if your measurement falls closer to 4 inches. Conversely, if your measurement is closer to 5 inches, a larger grip is likely a better choice.

Hand Size and Comfort

You should consider your hand size and the paddle’s width. A wider paddle can offer a larger sweet spot, which might be advantageous for power shots. However, ensure that your hand can wrap around the grip comfortably without strain.

A wider paddle grip could lead to difficulty maneuvering the paddle effectively.

Experiment and Test

Try out paddles of varying widths to get a feel for what suits you best. Many pickleball clubs and stores offer demo paddles you can try before purchasing. Testing different paddle widths in real gameplay scenarios can help you assess how comfortable and effective they are for your style.

Seek Advice

Engage with experienced players or paddle experts for guidance. They can provide insights based on their experiences and offer recommendations aligning with your preferences and playing style.

Prioritize Comfort and Performance

While wider paddles offer advantages, they prioritize comfort and performance. A too-wide paddle for your grip can lead to discomfort and hinder your ability to control shots. Finding the right balance between width and grip size is key.


What does the thickness of a pickleball paddle mean?

The thickness of a pickleball paddle refers to how thick it is from one side to the other. Paddles usually fall in the range of 11mm to 16mm in thickness. When a paddle is thinner, it tends to give the ball more “pop” off its surface, making your shots livelier. On the other hand, if the paddle is thicker, it absorbs more of the ball’s energy, which can help with control. For instance, if you choose between a 13mm and a 16mm paddle, the 13mm one will offer more power, while the 16mm one will focus on providing better control.

What is the difference between thick and thin pickleball grips?

The difference between thick and thin pickleball grips is hand size and comfort. A paddle with a thin grip handle is a good choice if you have smaller hands. It helps with control and makes me feel more comfortable. On the other hand, if you have larger hands, a paddle with a thick grip handle is better. It offers more comfort and might give players with stronger arms better control over their shots.

How do you make pickleball handles thicker?

If you want to make your pickleball handle thicker, using an overgrip is smart. It not only restores the grip’s tackiness but also gives you the advantage of slightly increasing its thickness for better comfort and control.


In conclusion, wide-body pickleball paddles offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your gameplay with a larger sweet spot and increased power potential.

So, you can choose the best wide-body pickleball paddles under budget that help you play smoothly with our selective paddles!

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