What Shape Pickleball Paddle is Best

What Shape of Pickleball Paddle is Best?

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As a Pickleball Player, what shape paddle is best for you? This is one of the most common questions you may want to know as a recreational player.

I will be helping you to choose the best paddle according to your body shape and size and will provide tips to use it efficiently so that you enjoy playing Pickleball more.

Different Shapes of the Pickleball Paddles

Standard Paddle: The standard paddle is the one we recommend for beginners.

Wide Body Shape: The Wide Body shape is ideal for players who want to improve their speed and serve.

Thin Body Shape: With a larger cross-section, the Thin Body shape provides better power transmission, which is great for people seeking muscle mass and power.

Blade Shape: With its large bounce area, the Blade shape is perfect for practicing with a ball instead of a partner.

Top Pickleball Paddle Shapes

The paddle is the core part of a pickleball game. However, the shape determines the ball’s speed and trajectory of the ball.

Top Pickleball Paddle Shapes

Most players use the standard shape of a paddle. It is considered the right paddle.

The Wide Body Paddle is designed for beginners. It is the most widely used paddle.

The thin body paddle is used for the high-power player. The thinner the paddle, the higher the speed of the ball.

The Blade paddle is designed for experts. With a long blade, the player can change the swing direction of the ball.

The paddle is the most important part of a pickleball game. It is important to consider the material when choosing a paddle. As a result, we test every item to ensure it is the best.


Blade paddle is available in various sizes. If you want to play aggressively, choose a large-size blade paddle.

If you want to play softly, choose a small size blade paddle.

What Shape of the Paddles Does the Expert Recommend?

We had to test out a few different paddles when we got our first pickleball paddles. We found the standard shape and the wide-body paddle comfortable, but the thin body and blade paddles were more difficult to use for serving or forehand shots. We kept the standard paddles because the thinner and wider ones didn’t perform well.

We used the standard paddles for a while; when we purchased our second set of paddles, we went with the standard and wide-body ones again.

We’ve used these paddles for over two months and have no major issues.

You don’t need to worry about getting stuck trying to hit a good shot. When we hit the ground with our shots, the ball doesn’t stick.

So, even though the standard paddles are thicker and wider, the thinner ones are less likely to cause any problems during play.

What Shape Is the Pickleball Paddle Best?

Paddle size is very important when you want to play paddle ball. You must decide which paddle will give you the best advantage when playing. Different types of paddles are available today, but no two are the same. Therefore, to choose the right one, you must know how the paddle works and how well the paddle fits with your hand.

The best paddles for intermediate players come in various sizes, shapes, weights, and materials. The first thing that you need to do is to determine how the paddle fits your hand. If it is too small, you might be unable to strike the ball in the appropriate place.

On the other hand, if the paddle is too large for you, you won’t get a good strike. A paddle that just right feels comfortable in your hands. To find a suitable paddle, you must be sure that you try it on and see how well it fits your hand. Then you consider the best paddle.

Is a Thicker Pickleball Paddle Better?

Thicker paddles are heavier and require more effort when swinging, but they’ll also be more responsive if you play with a lighter paddle. It is considered more challenging for beginners to play heavier ones because they generate more rebounds. So if you want to learn how to pick up the sport, start with a heavier paddle.

However, if you’re already a seasoned player looking to improve his or her game, go for thinner and lighter paddles. They’ll be more responsive and easier to handle. In case you do get a heavier paddle, make sure you treat it with respect.


Is there a difference in pickleball paddles?

The differences in pickleball paddles are not real. Pickleball players should buy the paddle that they like best. The difference is, in fact, marginal, and only the most experienced pickleball players can spot the difference between the paddles.

Is it better to have a lighter or heavier pickleball paddle? 

It depends on your weight, grip, and grip size. The ideal paddle weight should fall between 1.5 and 2 lbs for a standard paddle. Lighter paddles are more maneuverable, while heavier ones can be used to hit harder. However, the paddle should be comfortable to grip, and the grip shouldn’t slide off your handle when you paddle.

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