Indoor VS Outdoor Pickleball Balls

Indoor VS Outdoor Pickleball Balls: The Main Differences

Did you know that indoor and outdoor pickleballs are different? Did you know there are even two different kinds of indoor balls?

The first kind is called the indoor pickleball ball. And, if you are looking for a great game, indoor pickleball is the way to go.

The other kind of ball is the outdoor pickleball ball. This is for anyone who plays pickleball outdoors. The only difference between these two balls is their color.

Here we describe the differences between indoor vs outdoor pickleball balls difference.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball Balls?

There are two types of balls used in pickleball. Depending on the weather, you can use either an indoor ball or an outdoor one. In the indoor ball game, you usually find three different sizes of balls. They are regular, mid-sized, and large. Mid-sized is the perfect size for beginners. 

The regular size is a little too big for beginners. That’s why you need to get used to the smaller ball. You will learn how to control your shots as you play the game more. It’s cool to use these balls indoors. 

You don’t have to worry about keeping your racquet in place. You can move around more than you can if you use the outdoor balls.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball Balls?

Indoor Pickleball 

If you are playing indoor pickleball, you need to be more careful than if you are playing outdoors. You don’t want your ball to bounce off the walls and hit your opponents. Also, you don’t want your opponents to use the walls as their play court. They might hit the walls with their rackets and accidentally hit you. 

There are some good ways to make indoor pickleball safe. You must ensure that your players stay on the field of play and don’t hit the walls. You can buy netting to add a level of safety. Also, you can use soft, indoor court-like surfaces. If your court isn’t safe enough, you might need to install a retractable net. 

You’ll probably need to hire a professional pickleball player to put it up. It would help if you also considered installing an air pump so the ball can bounce higher. You can also have two balls per player to ensure safety.

Outdoor Pickelbal Balls

Out of all available types of outdoor equipment, pickleballs are the most useful. It’s a little bit expensive to buy one, but the benefits you get are well worth the cost. These things come in two sizes, small and large. They are made of wood or plastic. 

Pickleball is small spherical balls that you can roll around. They are a fun game. Some people like to use them as a form of exercise. You can use them to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, tennis, and many other games. You can use pickleballs indoors or outdoors. 

If you use them indoors, ensure you don’t spill any water on them. If you use them outdoors, you need to ensure that the area where you are playing isn’t too wet.

Indoor VS Outdoor Balls

Both indoor and outdoor pickleball balls are available in stores. I prefer outdoor pickleball balls because they are more durable than indoor ones. Indoor pickleball balls tend to wear out sooner than outdoor ones. Also, outdoor pickleball balls are lighter and easier to use than indoor ones.

Are There Different Balls for Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball?

Yes, there are different types of pickleball balls available for both indoor and outdoor play. They are made from different materials and have different weights and diameters. You should choose the ball type based on the pickleball court you’re playing on. If you want to play indoors, you would need a small indoor ball with a diameter of 2.4-2.8 inches. A larger, heavier ball with a diameter of 4-5 inches would require for outdoor play.

Which ball do you use for Outdoor Pickleball?

The best ball for outdoor pickleball is the ONIX. It is extremely durable, tough, and has an ultra-smooth finish for maximum grip. This is a good choice, but if you can’t afford it, go for the ONIX ball.

How can you tell Outdoor Pickleballs from Indoor?

Outdoor pickleballs differ in shape, color, and texture from indoor ones. Outdoor pickleballs are usually longer, wider, and thicker, while indoor pickleballs tend to be shorter, narrower, and thinner. Both pickleballs come in various colors, but outdoor balls are usually more colorful.


The bottom line is this: indoor pickleball has a longer life than outdoor. That means less cleaning, less maintenance, and less expense to you. At the end, when you consider all the extra money you could be spending on indoor equipment. 

You’ll probably find that your overall return is greater in dollars. This is because you’re playing a lot more pickleball, which is the best game for all players.

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