Can You Play Pickleball on Grass

Can You Play Pickleball on Grass?

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Everyone knows pickleball has been steadily becoming popular for many people, but what about playing it outdoors on grass? 

Many people think you need a special pickleball court to enjoy a game of pickleball on grass. However, this is different!

As long as you have a flat, short grass lawn, you can easily enjoy a competitive game of pickleball. 

Read this article to learn all you need to know about playing pickleball on grass and how to make the most of it!

Can You Play on Grass Without a Pickleball Court?

Although the United States Pickleball Association (USAPA) does not condone playing pickleball on grass, many still enjoy it in their backyard. The Lawn Pickleball Association (LPA) was created to support and endorse this play.

Pickleball can be played on any flat, short grass surface. The type of ball used must be a rubber ball specifically made for pickleball; regular tennis balls will not work. Players must also keep the action in the play by adjusting their strokes accordingly.

Teams who play pickleball on grass might not get approval from the USAPA, but they can still enjoy a competitive game. Anyone can play pickleball on grass without a court with a little adjustment.

Playing Pickleball on Grass (Measurement and Dimensions)

Length44 feet
Width20 feet
Net Height (middle)34 inches
Net Height (sideline anchors)36 inches

Pickleball is a sport that can play on various surfaces, but one of the best surfaces to play on is grass. Grass provides a natural surface that is soft and forgiving, making it ideal for players of all levels. 

One of the key advantages of playing pickleball on grass is that you don’t have to reserve a space at your local club. It can be a casual sport played at family barbeques or outings. 

pickleball on grass dimensions

It allows players to amend the strict new pickleball rules on competitive pickleball turf. This makes it the perfect surface for those who want to enjoy the game without worrying about getting too competitive.

Playing Pickleball on Grass Court Dimensions 

Playing pickleball on grass requires one-third of a tennis yard or the size of a doubles badminton court. 

Pickleball on grass is a great way to enjoy the game. The court dimensions are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide, perfect for playing the game. 

The net needs to be 34 inches tall in the middle and 36 inches high on the sideline anchors. This ensures that the game is played properly and everyone has a fair chance of winning.

How to Make a Pickleball Court on Grass?

You can play the game on any hard surface, but it is often played on grass. If you want to make your pickleball court on grass, it’s pretty easy. All you need is some chalk powder and a net.

Therefore, to make a Pickleball court on grass, you need to know the basic court dimensions and create a non-volley zone. The court typically measures 44×20 feet, with a non-volley zone of around 7 feet depth on either side. The net is placed in the middle of the court and is 34 inches high.

A heavy-density ball works better than a lightweight ball on the grass due to the predictability of the bounce. As for the court dimensions, it typically measures 44×20 feet along with the non-volley zone, which is around 7 feet in depth on either side of the court. The net is placed in the middle of the court and is 34 inches high. 

That’s all there is to it! Now you have your pickleball court on grass that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Why Pickleballs Won’t Bounce on Grass?

Clay, Asphalt, and hard surfaces make balls bounce. Regardless of how short or dry the grass is, it will not generate the same bounce as a hard surface. A vital part of pickleball is to develop a consistent volley and serve; grass will negate that and might create bounce issues.

How to Make a Pickleball Court on Grass

This is why lawn pickleball players with experience can make that ball do the impossible. These players make grass pickleball entertaining. They have learned to work with the unique bounces off the grass to keep the game going. While it may be more challenging, playing an enjoyable game of pickleball on grass is still possible.

What Kind of Pickleball Ball is Right for Grass?

If you are playing pickleball on grass, it is important to use the appropriate pickleball ball. The standard lightweight ball used on indoor courts may not bounce properly on grass. Instead, it is recommended to use a heavy outdoor pickleball ball specifically designed for outdoor play.

Outdoor pickleball balls are constructed to provide better bounce on surfaces like grass and are less affected by wind. These balls are slightly heavier and have a different composition than indoor balls, allowing them to withstand outdoor elements and maintain a more consistent bounce.

By using a heavy outdoor pickleball ball on the grass, you can ensure that the ball bounces properly and is not easily influenced by wind, allowing for a more enjoyable and consistent gameplay experience.

Can You Play Pickleball on Wet Surfaces?

The combination of wet grass and mud underneath can pose safety concerns, especially when sprinting across the court to make a shot. 

So, if the grass is extremely wet and the soil underneath, we recommend you avoid playing pickleball entirely. However, if the surface is only slightly damp, you might be able to get away with playing, but it depends on how slippery the conditions are. 

If you do decide to play in slightly wet conditions, be sure to take things slow and be extra careful not to slip and fall.


What is the best surface for playing pickleball? 

The best surface for playing pickleball is a traditional tennis or basketball court. If you cannot access one, pickleball can still play on treated concrete or asphalt surfaces. Pickleball courts should also be flat and even, with no rough patches or debris that could make playing unsafe.

Can you play pickleball on the beach? 


Pickleball is a great game on the beach—it’s easy to adjust your movement based on the terrain and can be lots of fun in the sand. 

However, it’s important to note that because of the sand and wind, you may need different balls or racquets for beach pickleball than what you would use for indoor or grass courts.

Can you play pickleball on a driveway?

Pickleball sets designed especially for driveways are the best way to enjoy pickleball in the comfort of your home. Pickleball sets for driveways come with everything you need to play – a net, paddles, and balls – plus they’re easy to set up and take down when you’re done.


Now, you can play pickleball on the grass. With the right equipment, setting up a court where space is available outdoors is easy. Also, playing on grass adds an interesting dynamic as you learn how to adjust your style of play for the unique conditions of this surface type. So why not give it a try? Pick up some Selkirk pickleball paddles and get out on the field – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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