Best Pickleball Court Shoes

Best Pickleball Court Shoes for Men’s and Women’s

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We understand the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear when you’re out on the court, giving your best performance in every match.

That is why, we’ve curated a list of the best pickleball court shoes that will not only enhance your performance on the court but also keep you comfortable throughout your game. Why break the bank when you can have affordable court shoes that deliver both quality and comfort?

You might be wondering, how much do pickleball court shoes cost? Well, the good news is that there’s a wide variety available, ranging from $50 to $100. We’ve carefully chosen the best court shoes for pickleball that fall within the reasonable price range while ensuring they come equipped with soft insoles, cushioning foam, and other features to keep your feet comfortable and supported during intense pickleball matches.

Let’s dive into the world of pickleball court shoes and find the perfect pair that suits your playing style and budget.

What are the Best Court Shoes for Pickleball?

Court Shoes for PickleballOur ReviewsPrices
K Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe4.8/5Buy Now
FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes4.6/5Buy Now
New Balance 696 V4 Hard Court Shoe4.6/5Buy Now
Head Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball Shoes4.7/5Buy Now
K-Swiss Women’s Express Shoe4.6/5Buy Now
WILSON Women’s Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W4.5/5Buy Now
Lamincoa Pickleball Shoes4.7/5Buy Now
ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes4.4/5Buy Now

Best Pickleball Court Shoes for Men’s

1. K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Shoe

K-Swiss Men's Express Light Shoe

We constantly search for great picks, and the K-Swiss Men’s Express Light shoe fits the bill.

We received a pair of these shoes to review, and they’ve proven to be quite durable and have some outstanding features. For example, the outsole is made from a high-density rubber compound that ensures durability from heel to toe.

The heel wedge is a thermoplastic that provides additional protection while improving lateral stability. An OrthoLite sock liner helps keep your feet comfortable and healthy by wicking away sweat and moisture.

The shoe’s drag guard is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and prevent it from getting damaged, giving you a longer-lasting pair. They’re also removable so that you can clean them easily.

Overall, this pair of shoes will last you for many years.


  • Acknowledgment of Pickleball’s popularity
  • Reduces risk of injuries
  • Positive experience as a 70-year-old aggressive player (3.5 level)
  • Suitable for long play sessions (up to 4 hours per day)


  • Limited breathability, possibly due to the emphasis

2. FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes

FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes

These men’s wide pickleball shoes from Fitville feature a supportive, flexible fit that allows you to play your best tennis without feeling restricted. With its wide toe box and comprehensive lacing system, it helps give you better balance and flexibility on the court.

The upper features a synthetic mesh, mesh lining, and microfiber for superior breathability and lightweight support. It’s also got anti-odor technology, meaning it won’t get stinky over time.

The shoes have a dual-density EVA midsole and anti-torsion TPU outsole, both of which help provide ample cushioning and traction on all types of surfaces.

It’s got good stability to its fit, and while the shoe isn’t too snug, it’s not too loose either, so you’ll always be able to move around comfortably on the court.

The wide Pickleball Shoes for men by FitVille is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, flexible pickleball shoe for everyday use.


  • Excellent arch support, and addressing discomfort
  • Accommodates wider feet effectively
  • It offers solid support and fit
  • Very reasonable prices


  • The initial model caused feet to become overheated

3. New Balance Men’s 696 V4 Shoe

New Balance Men's 696 V4 Shoe

You spend most of your time on the hard courts in the summertime, so why don’t you have the best pickleball shoes? The New Balance Men’s 696 V4 Hard Court Shoe offers the support and protection you need to keep up with your game.

You get all this in one best court shoes, making them quite expensive but worth every penny!

The synthetic and mesh upper offer a comfortable fit, while the non-marking outsole is lightweight rubber for superior traction. This best pickleball shoe has an adjustable lace closure, providing the perfect fit.

This shoe will keep up with you no matter how fast or slow you play, and it’s also suitable for all outdoor activities.

New Balance offers a Lifetime Guarantee on the 696 V4 Hard Court shoe. If you have a problem with the shoes, they will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


  • Great traction and cushioning
  • Effective support with maximum spring in each step
  • Positive impact on foot comfort
  • Well-suited for those with specific width needs


  • Limited availability of sizes, particularly for 2xwide options.

4. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low

These shoes are designed to get you playing indoor and outdoor court faster and last longer than any other shoes. With a non-marking rubber sole that is easy to clean, these shoes offer excellent traction while allowing natural foot movement.

A mesh lining provides comfort, breathability, and support, while an air mesh upper helps you to keep cool. The shoe has an antimicrobial treatment to help control odor and bacteria growth and contains high abrasion compounds.

Head Men’s Grid 2.0 shoes come in indoor and outdoor styles, each with a different color option. The indoor court shoes are designed for indoor courts and have an air mesh upper and a rubber sole. The outside court shoes have a mesh, synthetic leather upper, and rubber soles.

You get both options in the pack. However, you may need to purchase a separate set of shoes if you plan on using them as racquetball or squash shoes. They have a protective case, but you should store them separately from the racquets or rackets.

This pair of Head Men’s Grid 2.0 indoor court shoes would make a great addition to any home gym or racquetball court.


  • Instant comfort and fit out of the box
  • Lightweight, supportive, and stylish design
  • A pleasant surprise in terms of traction and performance
  • Positive impression despite initial skepticism about the brand


  • Traction on indoor courts is not as expected

Best Pickleball Court Shoes for Women’s

5. K-Swiss Women’s Express Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Express Shoe

K-Swiss makes some of the most famous pickleball shoes on the market, and the K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe is no different.

These women’s shoes have great features like the durability and comfortability of K-Swiss shoes. These lightweight shoes have a cushioned, breathable mesh upper with a moisture-wicking liner to help keep your feet dry. There are also reinforced forefoot and heel for additional support.

You’ll also enjoy all the features and benefits of this type of shoe, and it’s made from a soft and flexible material to offer comfort during play. These shoes come in various colors, but there’s nothing like walking barefoot in the grass to help get the blood flowing.

This is the best shoe for pickleball, tennis, or general leisure use, and it offers a comfortable fit and support that will help you have fun!

6. WILSON Women’s Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W

WILSON Women's Rush Pro 3.0 Pb W

Wilson, the tennis footwear powerhouse, has teamed up with women’s pickleball pioneer, Jennifer Jones, to produce a shoe for players of all ages and abilities. 

The Women’s Rush Pro 3.0 shoes are designed for beginners and advanced players. They offer players the stability needed for a solid game while allowing them to get comfortable with the foot placement needed to move around the court freely.

However, the shoe is built with a unique four-part chassis and soft and supportive cushioning throughout the sole. The four-part chassis consists of three layers of polyurethane and one layer of TPR foam that support and stabilize your foot.

The first layer is positioned towards the heel, where it helps to prevent pronation. Then the midsole comprises two more layers of PU and another of TPR to absorb impact and shock.

While walking on the court, you want your feet to remain stable, which the WILSON shoe excels at. Along with all the benefits of the four-part chassis, the shoe has a comfortable lining that feels soft against your foot.

This means that you’ll experience less irritation to your feet but still be able to maintain the mobility you need on the court.


  • Well-suited for size 8 wide feet, even though sizing up (8.5)
  • Unique interior fabric web “cradle”
  • High-quality construction and excellent traction
  • Lightweight feel during active play
  • Attractive appearance receives compliments.


  • Sizing runs slightly small, prompting the need to size up

7. Lamincoa Women’s Pickleball Shoes

Lamincoa Women's Pickleball Shoes

The Lamincoa shoes for the court are a multi-functional pickleball shoe designed with the perfect combination of performance and style.

They feature the latest in advanced technology in materials and construction, as well as exceptional traction and shock absorption. The high-tech fabric lining provides moisture management and comfort, while the anti-microbial toe guard prevents odors caused by bacteria and fungi.

The laces are reinforced with high-tensile stitching for greater strength and durability. Therefore, a Vibram sole plate has a three-part, contoured sole design, and extra cushioning underneath for more excellent stability.

Its lightweight, removable EVA midsole provides shock absorption and superb comfort. So, the shoes will ensure you get all the protection you require from the environment and allow you to play your favorite game simultaneously.


  • The positive observations regarding the suitability
  • High performance for court plays
  • Adjustable comfort
  • Improved support, unlike other shoes


  • Initial sizing issue

8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 6 Shoes

The Asics Gel-Dedicate 6 shoes are a favorite of many players, including Ben Newell, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. It is ideal if you’re looking for a shoe that won’t disappoint you.

The sole of these shoes is made of EVA, so it’s flexible and shock-absorbing. It helps improve a player’s performance and prevents injury. It also makes the shoe lighter, which is excellent for runners.

This pickleball Asics shoe features a slip-resistant rubber outsole. This is particularly useful when playing on courts with wet or icy surfaces, as it reduces the risk of falling. It also provides a better grip on the court so players can enjoy their matches even more.

This woman’s pickleball shoes are comfortable as well. Many layers in the shoe cushion the foot from any harsh impact, keeping it from slipping or sliding around during play.


  • Appreciation for the lightweight nature
  • Proper heel fit for narrow feet
  • Aesthetic appeal and style are noted as positive aspects.
  • Positive experience with Asics


  • Trusted brand due to the need for prescribed insoles.

How to Choose the Best Court Shoes for Pickleball 

pickleball shoes are essential for any avid player. You’ll find comfort, style, and support for your game with the right pair of men’s pickleball shoes.

Below we’ve outlined the most important factors to consider when purchasing court pickleball shoes for men.

Durability and Comfortability

You want the perfect pickleball shoe, whether you’re hitting against the wall or chasing down opponents. Pickleball shoes that are too stiff or uncomfortable can lead to pain and injuries.

Be sure to look at our list of best pickleball shoes for men, which we’ve broken down into four categories – supportive, performance, stability, and general.

If you spend hours a day hitting balls off the walls or doing pushups on the pickleball court, a shoe with a durable upper is essential to ensure that it can handle all the punishment.

Additionally, if you’re serious about your game, you want a shoe that offers good support so that your feet aren’t falling apart in the middle of a match.

Style and Comfort

Like the rest of your pickleball apparel, you want to buy a shoe that complements your lifestyle and suits your taste. There’s a wide range of styles and pickleball brands, from casual and dressy to retro. Be sure to check out our review of the best pickleball shoes for men to find the ones that fit your fashion style best.


Whether looking for the ideal shoe for training, working out, or practicing, these factors will affect how well your pickleball shoe fits and performs. There are performance-oriented and stability-oriented men’s pickleball shoes and the best ones will offer both.


Your shoe should offer plenty of support to protect your feet from injury. A strong, padded sole and tongue will give you the ultimate comfort while on the court, so check out our list of best men’s pickleball shoes for this critical feature.


What kind of shoes should I wear to play pickleball?

You should wear thick-soled shoes that allow your foot to move freely around the court without impediments. This way, you can hit shots more accurately and efficiently and perform on defense.

What is the difference between tennis court shoes and pickleball shoes?

Both tennis court shoes and pickleball shoes are designed to provide maximum traction, but the materials used for each shoe vary slightly. Tennis shoes usually come in rugged leather, while pickleball shoes come in soft leather and have rubber soles.

Are court shoes good for pickleball?

If you use court shoes, removing them before entering a pickleball court is highly advised. Court shoes have rubber soles that grip and hold onto the court surfaces, making them slip off if you step into the court area barefoot.


In summary, the first rule of choosing a good court shoe is to avoid cheap shoes at all costs. If you buy a pair of shoes for $50, you would expect them to last for years. Cheap court shoes don’t have much to offer.

You would expect the shoes to be comfortable, durable, and lightweight. For instance, you won’t find cheap court shoes made from natural materials like canvas or cotton.

So choose the best court shoes for pickleball to make your feet comfortable.

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