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Best Nike Pickleball Shoes 2023 Reviews

Are you looking for the best shoes for pickleball players? If yes, then Nike Pickleball Shoes are an excellent solution to get a perfect shoe for the game. You may have played pickleball before and need the correct shoe to improve your skills, relieve foot or back pain, and stay healthy.

Nike pickleball shoes for pickleball players need support in the ankle area, but the front part of the shoe must be flexible to offer stability in the front. They should be well cushioned in the midfoot area and have good ventilation.

I have reviewed the best Nike pickleball shoes for weak ankle support for both men and women. Let’s look at each product individually and help you get your desired shoes to support and protect your weak ankles.

Best Nike Shoes for Pickleball – At a Glance

1. Nike Men’s Lace-up

2. Nike Men’s Sport Trail Running Shoe

3. Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes

4. Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 

5. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

What are the Best Pickleball Nike Shoes?

Nike Men’s Lace-up

Nike Men's Lace-up

This sneaker is designed to fit differently for men than women. With a lower cut and wider width, it’s designed to give more room in the front of the shoe while providing support and stability at the back. So whether you wear them cross-training or casually, the Nike Men’s Lace-Up is made to work.

While I always recommend going into a store to try on a pair of sneakers, we know that sometimes that isn’t possible 🙌🏼. That’s why this product comes with a detailed guide on how to care for the sneakers.

You can machine wash them on the delicate cycle, which is recommended for delicate clothing like a dress shirt. If you’re worried about shrinkage, you can hand wash them, but be sure to hang them up to dry.

You can also use the sneakers when damp for a few minutes, then wipe them dry with a clean cloth. So, if you decide to wear them in the rain, take the laces off first and soak the shoes in a tub of warm water.

This may seem counterintuitive, but when you dry the sneakers after they’ve been soaked, you can increase the lifespan of your pair by 30%.

Also, if you notice any spots or stains on the shoes, you can clean them with white vinegar and cold water. Spray the solution onto the spots, let the shoes sit for a few hours, and rinse thoroughly.


  • Very comfortable
  • Made with quality materials and build
  • Provides great ankle support
  • Good insulation while still allowing breathability
  • Strong sole, suitable for those who need it


  • The insoles are flat pieces of foam and may not provide enough arch support

Nike Men’s Sport Trail Running Shoe

Nike Men's Sport Trail Running Shoe

This pair of Nike Men’s Sport Trail Running Shoes features an updated mesh upper with a lightweight and breathable upper material.

The shoe has a low profile, making it great for racing, hiking and walking. This lightweight, breathable running shoe provides great shock absorbency, so you can run for longer distances without discomfort.

The midsole is made with a multi-layer cushioning material that reduces the impact on the foot. This is essential for long-distance runners as the shock absorbency of the midsole helps reduce the strain on the body. The rubber sole ensures traction and traction, while the mesh lining gives maximum breathability.

This is a perfect running shoe for daily training, races, and competitions🙌🏼. The wide forefoot, the mesh lining on the bottom and the tongue give you maximum comfort when you run.

With a stylish look, these Nike pickleball running shoes are a great buy.


  • Very comfortable, especially for someone with neuropathy
  • Properly padded tongue and snug, padded heel fit
  • The design looks chunkier and fuller, similar to older Nike designs
  • Expected to last a long time


  • No specific cons found

Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes

Nike Women's Tennis Shoes

This pickleball footwear is ideal for sports activities like tennis, walking, jogging, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

As for its design, there are two versions of the shoes: the “Cherry Blossom” model and the “Lilac Flower” model. Both designs use the same colorway and are made of soft leather. The difference is the sole material, which is synthetic leather and rubber in the “Cherry Blossom” design, whereas, in the “Lilac Flower” model, it’s gum rubber.

In terms of design, it looks simple yet stylish. There is a small logo at the front, while the heel has the Nike branding. The midsole is designed with a sock-like shape.

This pair of tennis shoes are very comfortable to wear. Its elasticity makes the shoes very flexible and easy to move. Furthermore, its soles have a good grip and provide a stable base for footwork.

However, despite having a nice design, it doesn’t look sporty or stylish. As such, it isn’t suitable for women who want a sporty appearance. Nonetheless, those who prefer a more casual look would find it a good choice.

In addition, the price is not affordable for most consumers. If you want to buy comfortable and fashionable tennis shoes, you should think about spending a little more. Nevertheless, this pair of sneakers has a lot of features. For instance, its grip soles give the shoe extra stability, and the leather makes them durable.


  • Nice looking shoes
  • Good fit
  • Shoes arrived earlier than expected
  • Highly recommended by a customer
  • Cute and exciting to wear


  • Tongue has a blue tint (may be a quality issue)

Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Nike Women's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Get comfortable in the game this year with these tennis shoes! If you’re ready to step it up from those boring black shoes in the closet, the Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 is what you need.

It features a durable rubber sole, and these shoes give you traction on any surface. The synthetic and leather materials used in these shoes mean you’re sure to get more out of them.

With these tennis shoes, you can take on the world of tennis without worrying about breaking a sweat. The padded collar and tongue provide extra support and comfort, giving you that perfect fit.

Foam cushioning comforts your feet, so you can play in style. And the rubber outsole provides you with all-weather traction, so you’re ready to conquer any surface.

This shoe is great for tennis players who want comfortable tennis shoes to practice in. It’s also a great choice for casual wear. So if you’re looking for something fun to wear to a match or the gym, you’ve found the perfect option.


  • Nice looking shoes
  • Well made
  • Best fit and most comfortable for someone with foot/feet issues
  • Fairly comfortable after a day or two of wear


  • Shoes are slippery

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

So when it comes to Nike, there are 2 types of people I can usually tell who wear their shoes first: those with the Nike logo on their feet or those who don’t. I’ve found that when my feet start to hurt, that is a good sign that it is time for a new pair of trainers.

A while back, I decided to get a second pair, and I chose the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer (pickleball shoes under 100 dollars) because I thought that I could use them in my daily fitness routine 🥰. 

It was nice to wear these Nike shoes during my runs and while doing my core workouts at home, but sometimes I also need to work out on the road. Something is to be said about having a comfortable shoe that you can wear for multiple purposes. 

A good trainer should give you the best possible experience, which the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer does. And that’s really what I liked the most because I like wearing my shoes and working out without being uncomfortable for hours.

This shoe has a lightweight fit, so it doesn’t restrict movement. If you can stand for an hour or two while working out, this will be the perfect pickleball training shoe for you. 


  • Shoes are light and comfortable
  • Wide sizes (EE and 4E) available for those with wide feet
  • Good for walking long distances without causing foot pain
  • Helps with knee issues


  • Shoes may not last very long (3 to 4 months, according to one customer)


Nike has been around for quite some time, and they have a reputation for quality and innovation. Their shoes range from casual to more performance-oriented shoes. That’s why we choose the best Nike pickleball shoes for you in our above list.

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