Are Paddle Tennis and Pickleball the Same

Are Paddle Tennis and Pickleball the Same? Exact Answer!

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Most probably, people did not know whether paddle tennis and pickleball were the same. However, people are willing to know the difference between pickleball and paddle tennis. Are you also the person who wants to know the difference before buying it?

If you also want to buy paddle tennis or pickleball, I advise you to compare your gameplay with these two sports. Eventually, pickleball and paddle tennis are the same, but both have different comparisons on their materials, price, balls used, and court.

Therefore you must compare your game area and skills to playing it before choosing between paddle tennis or pickleball.

What are the Differences Between Paddle Tennis and Pickleball

Paddle tennis vs Pickleball, what is the difference? Pickleball has been popular among professional athletes for a few decades and is an easy sport to learn that requires minimal equipment.

While The idea of paddle tennis came into existence in the United States and was adopted by the Americans to make the game more exciting, you don’t need any special skills to play the game. You can practice it in your backyard, too.

So, whether you want to join a pickleball team or think of practicing paddle tennis indoors, here are some important things you should know before signing up for any pickleball group.


Pickleball is an interesting combination of tennis and cricket and is played with two paddles (one underhand and one overhand). The game is played on a flat court and can be played indoors or outdoors.

However, the rules of the game are quite similar to tennis, and it consists of four points. The players can win each point through a serve or by hitting a ball that reaches the opponent’s side of the court. 

To win the first point, you must hit the ball over the net or into the center of the court and score two out of three strokes. If the ball hits the net, the opponent wins. After this, a player can hit a serve similar to a serve in tennis, but it’s called pickleball.

Paddle Tennis

You can choose from more than 30 varieties of paddle tennis in the market. You can get paddle tennis that uses two paddles similar to those used in pickleball, or you can get one similar to a hockey stick.

So, compared to pickleball, it can be played as an indoor sport and an outdoor sport and is becoming increasingly popular among people of all age groups. 

Comparison Differences of Paddle Tennis VS Pickleball

FeaturesPaddle TennisPickleball
Court size50 x 20 feet44 x 20 feet
Net height31 inches36 inches
EquipmentPaddle, ballPaddle, plastic ball
Scoring system15 points11 points
ServingUnderhandUnderhand or overhand
Playing styleMore powerMore finesse
Court surfaceHard or clayAny flat surface
PopularityMore popular in Florida and the West CoastMore popular in Florida and West Coast

Are Paddle Tennis and Pickleball the Same?

Every newbie player should know whether paddle and pickleball are the same. 

The answer is simple, Both sports are played indoors, on a court covered with a net. However, in pickleball, you need to use a special ball similar to tennis balls and paddles. But there are many differences between paddle tennis and pickleball.

Paddle Tennis vs. Pickleball

Tennis or pickleball is one of the most popular indoor sports today.

Paddle tennis is a game similar to paddle ball. Both sports require players to use a paddle to serve or return the ball. But there is a significant difference between the two.

Paddle Tennis VS Pickleball

Paddle tennis requires a tennis racket with a net on the top. Unlike paddle balls, you don’t need to wear any equipment to play paddle tennis, but you need a paddle, a ball, and a net. You can buy paddle tennis tables and rackets online.

Pickleball is more like ping pong, which doesn’t require any equipment except the paddle. The paddle is used to hit the ball, so there is no requirement to have a net or a paddle like in tennis. You need to wear clothes while playing. You can buy pickleball paddles and tables online as well.

It is essential to know the difference between these sports before starting. These are the top reasons you should prefer paddle tennis over pickleball.

Paddle Tennis VS Pickleball Materials

Regarding the materials, both paddle tennis and pickleball use wooden paddles, a ball, and a frame. Pickleball uses a small metal frame called a “basket.”

Paddle Tennis VS Pickleball Rules

When you compare pickleball to paddle tennis, they share the same basic rules and regulations. However, pickleball has fewer players, and there is no scoreboard. It is only for single and doubles games.

In short, Both tennis and pickleball require an equal level of skill and fitness. However, their rules, techniques, and the number of players differ.

Paddle Tennis VS Pickleball Court

The size of the paddle tennis courts and pickleball courts differ. For example, pickleball courts measure 36 x 18 ft, and paddle tennis courts measure 36 x 45 ft. But, you can play pickleball on the tennis court.

A standard pickleball court measures 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length, which includes both the in-bounds playing area and non-volley zones (the kitchen) near the net. The net in pickleball is placed at a height of 36 inches (91 cm) at the sidelines and 34 inches (86 cm) at the center.

On the other hand, a racquetball court is quite different in size. It is a rectangular court that measures 20 feet in width, 40 feet in length, and 20 feet in height. The walls in racquetball courts are an integral part of the game, as players can use them to bounce the ball during rallies.

Therefore measure the pickleball court dimension while choosing both sports where you are playing it.

Pickleball vs Paddle Tennis Paddles & Balls Used

However, the pickleball paddles are made from wood or plastic and come in different lengths and designs.

The length is determined by the type of grip required for proper play. Besdies, the pickleball paddles are made of fiberglass, and some are made of aluminum or wood. 

The best pickleball paddles are made of plastic with a non-slip handle, while some paddles have wooden handles. So, as a new pickleball player, you’re probably wondering which pickleball paddles and balls are right for you.


While Paddle Tennis and Pickleball may share some similarities, they are distinct and unique in their own right. With their own set of rules, equipment, and court dimensions, these two sports offer their own exhilarating experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the swift and strategic nature of Paddle Tennis or the fast-paced and inclusive nature of Pickleball, both sports will ignite your competitive spirit and provide endless hours of fun. So, grab your paddle and prepare to serve up some excitement on the court because the thrill awaits whether it’s Paddle Tennis or Pickleball!

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