Outdoor Pickleball Court Cost

Outdoor Pickleball Court: How Much Does it Cost to Build?

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Building an outdoor pickleball court is akin to investing in a swimming pool; it generally costs around $25,000 per court. If you’re starting fresh without an existing hard surface, the bulk of your expense will be in the concrete or asphalt pad, constituting about half of your project’s total cost at roughly $10,000 for a basic 4” or 6” slab.

So, how much does an outdoor pickleball court cost? Ultimately it costs between $25,000 to $35,000. However, fencing can add $5,000, though some opt to skip this if the court is amidst the grass, relying on functional landscaping instead. Another significant expense is sport court surfacing, vital for optimal play and aesthetics, costing around $5,000.

Should you wish to play at night, modern LED sports court lighting can be added for an approximate cost of $5,000. In essence, while the base cost sits at $25,000, personalized additions and enhancements can increase this figure.

Outdoor Pickleball Court Cost – Breakdown

Here is a rough list of buildings the cost of outdoor pickleball court you must cover for constructing a new outdoor pickleball court:

  1. Court Size & Area: 1,800 sq. ft. (standard court dimensions 20’x44′, recommended pad area 30’x60′).
  2. Concrete/Asphalt Surface: Approx. $10,000 (for a basic 4” or 6” slab).
  3. Pickleball Net: Less than $1,000 for a permanent net.
  4. Fencing (Optional): Approx. $5,000 for chain link fence.
  5. Sport Court Surfacing: Approx. $5,000 (including proper surfacing & paint).
  6. Court Lighting: Approx. $5,000 for LED sports court lighting.
  7. Miscellaneous Costs: Variable (e.g., electrical work, landscaping).

Total Estimated Cost: Starting at approx. $25,000.

Setting the Scene

Let’s start with a basic understanding of outdoor pickleball court costs. Think of constructing a pickleball court as somewhat similar to installing a swimming pool.


Yup, you heard that right! On average, you’re looking at an investment of around $25,000 per court. But just like any home project, costs can swing based on how basic or deluxe you want to go.

Size and Space

A standard pickleball court measures 20’ wide by 44’ long. But wait, there’s more!

For comfortable play and safety, you’ll want an overall pad area of about 30’ by 60’, totaling 1,800 square feet. Take a moment, grab a tape measure, and scope out your space.

Do you have a flat area? Awesome!

If not, we’ll cover those costs in a bit.

The Big Concrete Question

Arguably the beefiest chunk of your budget will be thrown at prepping and pouring the court’s surface. So, choosing between concrete and asphalt? Most folks find concrete easier and more pragmatic

While you can get all fancy with post-tensioned concrete, a simple 4” or 6” pad should do the trick for most. Cost-wise, you’re looking at about $5 per square foot.

Quick math to build an outdoor pickleball court costs: that’s roughly $10,000, and we’re just getting started.

Pickleball Net Worth

No, not that net worth!

A sturdy, permanent net is key to a good pickleball game. Plan to spend under $1,000 for this. And here’s a pro tip: order early so your contractor can set it up seamlessly.

Fencing – Yay or Nay?

Chain link fences run about $25 per linear foot. For our 30’x60′ slab, that’s about $5,000. But if you’re placing the court in a grassy backyard, you might just skip the fence.

Outdoor Pickleball Court Cost

After all, pickleballs are light and won’t travel far once they hit the turf. Consider putting that saved cash into some tasteful landscaping.

Surface Matters

Your court needs to not only look good but play well. A proper sports court surface is totally worth the splurge. With a grit-heavy paint applied with a squeegee, your court will shine.

While there are loads of DIY videos out there, hiring a pro for this part can be a wise choice. The budget to create an outdoor pickleball court is about $5,000 for this glow-up.

Light Up the Night

For those dusk-to-dawn marathon matches, lighting is essential. Modern LED sport court lights are the way to go, setting you back roughly $5,000. And remember, if you’re not wired up already, factor in some additional costs for electrical work.

Outdoor Pickleball Court Cost

Outdoor Court CriteriaOutdoor Court CreteriaEstimated Cost
Court Dimensions & Area
SizeStandard court (20’x44′), recommended pad area (30’x60′)1,800 sq. ft.
Surface Preparation
Concrete/Asphalt4” or 6” concrete slab or asphalt$10,000 (approx.)
Pickleball NetPermanent net installation<$1,000
FencingChain link fence (optional based on location)$5,000 (approx.)
Sport Court SurfacingProper surfacing & paint$5,000 (approx.)
LightingLED sport court lighting (for nighttime play)$5,000 (approx.)
MiscellaneousAdditional costs for electrical work, landscaping, etc.Variable
Total Estimated CostStarting base cost for a backyard pickleball court$25,000 (approx.)

To Wrap It Up

At its core, a pickleball court in your backyard is an investment of both money and space, with costs starting at about $25,000. Just like adding a pool or a deck, the final figure will hinge on your personal choices and preferences. But think of the fun, the convenience, and, of course, the bragging rights!

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