Best Pickleball Paddles Under 50

5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under 50 – Top Cheap Paddles 2023

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Today, there are a plethora of pickleball paddles to choose from, ranging in price from under $10 to well over $100.

So, are you ready to enhance your game with the best pickleball paddles under $50? I got my hands on the best pickleball paddle under 50 from reputable top brands like Selkirk, Franklin, Gamma, and Niupipo to test them for myself and share my favorite cheap paddles in 2023.

Here is a list of the best cheap paddles under 50 that will give you the control to take down your opponent.

Best Pickleball Paddles Under $50

#1 SLK by Selkirk Paddle

SLK by Selkirk Paddle

Selkirk paddles are an excellent way to improve your pickleball skills. They are made from high-quality materials and are very durable, the best choice for picking paddles under budget.

With easily adjustable, you can get the perfect paddle grip. You will also get the two Selkirk paddles with this set and a carrying case, so you don’t need to spend your money buying them separately.

Because the case is perfect for storage, it will keep your paddles clean. Besides, these cheap pickleball paddles are also very light, making them easy to move around.

Additionally, it has a unique design that makes it more classy, unlike other expensive pickleball paddles. Also, it has the best grip, making it easy to understand your opponent’s next move.

Therefore, with this best pickleball paddle under 100 dollars, you can play with two players because it is perfect for players of all levels.

What We Liked: The rackets were effective and well-matched for entry-level play. The included balls, though from an unfamiliar brand, exhibited durability. However, the bag’s quality was a disappointment as it began to tear after only a few trips to the court, leading to a deduction of one star.

What we Didn’t Like: Some players found the paddle’s sweet spot was relatively small, making consistent and accurate shots a bit more challenging.

#2 GAMMA Sports Venture 

GAMMA Sports Venture 

I recently got these pickleball paddles, and I love them. Do you know why Gamma is a popular brand? Gamma is a good brand because they are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry products. The frames of their paddles are also sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about breaking anytime soon.

It also offers ultimate control, flexibility, and accuracy when playing against another player. The unique paddle designs unrestricted movement and eliminates unnecessary bouncing while playing, giving you a competitive edge.

In addition, the Gamma pickleball paddles are well-made and durable, and they feel great in your hand. So, users are getting more attendant with their tournaments and pickleball courts with an affordable choice. 

I’m pleased with my purchase under my budget without breaking the bank, and I recommend these to anyone looking for a good set of pickleball paddles!

What We Liked: We were highly impressed with the Gamma Discovery pickleball paddle, finding it comparable to top-tier options like the Joola Ben Johns model. Its out-of-the-box performance matched the best paddles available, and its hitting surface held up well during our initial use.

What we Didn’t Like: However, our only concern arose when heavy topspin caused the rubber gasket around the paddle to lift, necessitating a fix.

#3 Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

PICKLEBALL is one of the world’s most popular games. And who can forget the classic game of tournaments? But how to choose the right paddle under budget? With the Niupipo pickleball brand, you don’t need to worry about paddle grip, size, dimension, and prices. 

Because niupipo paddles encompass all the features to enhance your skills and make your playing experience enjoyable!

By combining patented design with state-of-the-art materials, they have created the perfect recreational paddle for anyone looking for an easy, affordable way to have fun.

That’s why it is the best lightweight paddle you can easily carry around, making it a perfect option for any location. Also, it is designed with an all-in-one design that includes a paddle handle and net.

This makes it easier to get your shots off faster and more accurately. Therefore, play accurately and smoothly with the best pickleball paddles under 50 dollars.

What We Liked: Comparing it to a higher-priced Paddletek paddle, we found the differences to be minimal for average recreational players and practically imperceptible for beginners. The paddle boasted a responsive feel, a reasonable sweet spot, and satisfactory balance, leaning slightly towards a head-heavy design.

What we Didn’t Like: Additionally, a few players mentioned that the paddle’s balance, though generally decent, leaned slightly toward being head-heavy, which might not suit everyone’s preference.

#4 GAMMA Sports Fusion Series

GAMMA Sports Fusion Series

Gamma paddle is perfect for the competitive player or beginner alike. The lightweight and durable paddle is easy to grip and control, making it an excellent option for novice and experienced players.

With its sleek design, these pickleball paddle is also ideal for use in any setting – at home or on the court.

Besides, this innovative pickleball paddle is unlike any other you’ve seen. It’s designed specifically for sport, with a responsive handle and rubber ball float that gives you the control to make accurate shots. 

Therefore, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this pickleball paddle under 40 dollars will improve your game.

What We Liked: The paddle received praise for its sizable sweet spot and minimal dead spots, making it a strong contender for regular play and an excellent entry-level option. Its grip, ample sweet spot, and balanced weight were particularly appreciated, offering power and quick reactions to fast shots.

What we Didn’t Like: Despite the paddle’s power, the discomfort led them to switch to a higher-end Paddletek paddle, which, although more expensive, didn’t cause pain.

#5 Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

This Franklin pickleball paddle is perfect for intermediates looking to improve their game. It has a lightweight frame and offers great response time, making it easy to control.

It’s lightweight with a long handles paddle, making it perfect for beginner players and an affordable option for those just starting.

Therefore, with its smooth surface and durable construction, this table tennis racket will help you improve your game quickly. Besides, it has a sleek, modern look that will make your opponents jealous. 

The Franklin frame provides a responsive feel and easy maneuverability, while the fiberglass composite shaft offers durability and consistency.

So, now you can choose the paddle until you work hard to win the game with this best budget pickleball paddle.

What We Liked: The Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle – USAPA Approved emerged as a favorite among the reviewer’s collection of paddles. They highlighted its compatibility with the growing popularity of pickleball, praising its thin design that allowed for more accessible swings and quick reactions.

What we Didn’t Like: While the reviewer expressed overwhelmingly positive sentiments about the Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle – Polypropylene Core – X-1000 – USAPA Approved, they did not mention any specific drawbacks or cons associated with the paddle in their feedback.


So, the best pickleball paddles under 50 are the ones that offer great performance and durability. While not all of them come with a high price tag, those that do offer great value for your money.

That’s why we have listed top-quality paddles under 50 dollars that provide you with the best performance at a reasonable price. So, choose an affordable paddle for you and make your game at the higher end!


Are under 50 dollar pickleball paddles worth it?

Yes, they are worthy. But it depends on the quality of the paddle. They must be made from quality materials for the best performance.

Can I find a lightweight paddle for under $50?

You can certainly find lightweight pickleball paddles under $50. One such option is the Niupipo Pickleball Paddle. This paddle is designed to offer a balance of affordability and quality, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious players.

What features should I look for in budget pickleball paddles?

When choosing a pickleball paddle under $50, consider weight, grip comfort, construction materials, and shape.

Are inexpensive pickleball paddles of good quality?

Yes, many budget-friendly pickleball paddles offer impressive quality and performance. Manufacturers have designed these paddles with durable materials and innovative features, allowing players to enjoy the game without compromising performance.

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