Parris Todd Pickleball Net Worth

Parris Todd Pickleball Net Worth, Ranking and Titles

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Parris Todd pickleball player Originating from Newport Shores, CA, the journey of one of the famous athletes began in tennis, where she was ranked no nationality in the USTA men’s 10s and 12s categories.

Transitioning from a successful tennis career, Parris has made a successful and significant impact on the pickleball world.  Let’s start with the net worth; Parris Todd stands at a whopping $500k. Do not be surprised because she has earned this much with sheer hard work and determination for the game.

I am talking about none other than Parris Todd, a pickleball player. Today, I will share with you the life, career, net worth, and achievements of this remarkable player.

Parris Todd Pickleball Player Bio 

  • Full name: Parris Todd
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Playing style: Aggressive
  • Paddle: Selkirk Invikta
  • Career wins-loss record: 92:24
Parris Todd Pickleball Player Bio 


  • Major League Pickleball’s MVP
  • Over 20 medals on APP and PPA tours in 2022
  • US Open Pickleball Championships Triple Crown Winner (Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles) in 2023
  • MLP drafted in the first round of Season 2 for the Atlanta Bouncers
  • Named Major League Pickleball most valuable player

Parris Todd Ranking

  • No. 6 in Women’s Singles (World Pickleball Rankings)
  • No. 9 in Women’s Doubles
  • No. 11 in Mixed Doubles 

Who is Parris Todd Pickleball Player

At 28 years old, Parris Todd is a dynamic force in the world of Pickleball, showcasing not only remarkable skills but also a passion for the game. Before entering the pickleball arena, Parris had a background rooted in tennis, where she achieved notable success. Likewise, Simone Jardim, her journey into professional Pickleball has been marked by consistent improvement, dedication, and a fierce competitive spirit.

Who is Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Parris Todd’s Height

Parris stands at 5 feet 9 inches. It is partly due to her height that she has a farther reach and stronger shots on the pickleball court, making her rivals and teammates envious. Her athleticism, impressive physique, and swift movements contribute to her prowess in the game.

Parris Todd’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Parris Todd’s net worth is $500k. This figure does not stop anytime soon because she is at the peak of his career right now. Her achievements and victories during his short career so far have not only contributed towards her professional development but also rendered him financially stable. 


Out of nowhere, at the age of five, Parris surprised her parents by expressing a desire for a tennis racket. Perplexed by this unexpected request, her parents, unfamiliar with the sport, pondered where to find tennis equipment.

Parris Todd's Net Worth

Soon after, their journey commenced, marked by successive training sessions that unveiled Parris’s natural talent and passion for the game, prompting additional hours on the court to nurture her gift.

When Parris was eight, her father took her to the renowned Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. This visit revealed a new level of play, igniting an inner desire to compete at the highest level in the world. Subsequently, Parris set goals that led to numerous titles and achievements.

Professional Career

Singles Event

The standout performance came from Parris Todd, who achieved the “Triple Crown” by winning Pro Singles, Pro Doubles, and Mixed Pro Doubles. Hunter Johnson secured a “double” by winning Pro Singles and partnering with Todd in the Mixed category, but narrowly missed out on Men’s Pro Doubles victory.

Doubles Event

In doubles events, Todd has found success, and her highest ranking in this regard is 8, which she won in September 2022. she has earned a total of $210,000 in doubles events. Being a professional pickleball player, Parris showed her mettle as an equally reliable partner and solo player. 

Throughout her doubles career, Parris Todd has accumulated a substantial $210,000 in prize money. This significant financial success highlights her consistency and excellence in the doubles format, contributing to her overall net worth and professional standing.

Parris Todd’s success in doubles events is a testament to her versatility on the court. Whether executing powerful shots from the baseline or displaying finesse at the net, Todd’s dynamic playing style complements the nuances of doubles play, making her a well-rounded athlete.

Mixed Doubles Career

Her most successful events were also in mixed doubles, reaching the quarterfinals of the US Open mixed doubles twice in 2019 and 2021. This success shows her ability as a team player. It talks volumes about her commitment to the game in all formats of the game. 

Parris Mixed Doubles Career

Parris Todd’s achievements in mixed doubles significantly contribute to shaping her overall legacy in the world of Pickleball. It positions her not just as an individual standout but as a player who elevates the game when collaborating with others, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Parris Todd’s Family

Parris Todd’s parents,  Angela and Charles Todd, were not involved in sports at any stage of their lives. However, when Parris showed her interest in sports, they did not discourage her. In fact, they made sure that she was going to the best Tennis Academy in Florida for the next 2 years. 

The family support was the foundation for Parris and she made her dreams come true in the later years. 


Who is Parris Todd pickleball? 

Parris Todd is a dynamic and accomplished pickleball player known for her aggressive playing style. She hails from America and has made significant strides in the professional pickleball scene.

Who sponsors Parris Todd?

Selkirk Sport currently sponsors Parris Todd, and she uses the Selkirk Invikta paddle in her competitive matches.

Was Parris Todd a tennis player?

Yes, Parris Todd was a tennis player before transitioning to professional Pickleball, showcasing her versatility and skills in racquet sports.

Who are the parents of Paris Todd?

Parris Todd’s parents are Angela and Charles Todd. None of them was a sportsperson, but they still provided all the opportunities for Parris to pursue her career as a Pickleball player. It is her parents who provided her with a suitable environment and made an illustrious career out of it. 

How will Parris Todd’s net worth Touch New Heights in 2024?

Parris Todd’s net worth reached new heights in 2024 due to her continued success in professional Pickleball, with prize money, endorsements, and sponsorships contributing to her financial growth. The credit goes to her hard work and dedication, which has not only made a name for herself in the sport but also made her one of the most highly-paid players.

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